Auto Body Repair Richmond

Auto Body Repair Richmond

Kirmac Collision & Autoglass is an auto-body shop that offers car repair services depending on the dents and dings repaired. Our value is to offer quality services and expertise in different types of auto body repairs for all car models. The service team has modern equipment to perform repair services for our clientele. We offer the following services:

  1. Collision repair: - Often caused by a minor scratch to the paint job. If serious, sections will be dismantled to assess other hidden damages and replace the fully damaged parts.
  2. Scratches and Paint jobs: - Missing Paint and scratches expose vehicles to elements such as water that cause rust and corrosion. A high-grade primer will be used to the damaged area, followed by an eco-friendly-based coat with a polyurethane finish to give a complete make-over. In case the scratch was not that deep, the damaged area will be cleared out. Next, the underlying layers/surfaces will be leveled and smoothened.
  3. Bumper Repair: - our team sorts out bumper damages before priming and sealing for use. In case the bumper is not salvageable, a new one can be installed.
  4. Glass and window repair: - Cracks and chips are repaired by injecting adhesive into the damaged area. Then, the team quickly replaces windows, window shields, light bulbs, plastic casings.

Common types of Auto Body repair.

Our team can resolve destructive issues such as bent frames caused by dents, dings, and scratches. The following are types of repair we deal with: -

  1. Dent repair.

There two standard methods used; - body filter putty is used to fill dents to be matched with the contour of the car's body. The second is to insert a tool to spread behind the dent after drilling, pulling it out, and filling the hole. This requires repainting the damaged area.

It works best with trunks, fenders, door panels back parts of the vehicle, which means repairing the dent without repainting the car.

  1. Body panel Replacement.

We recommend a complete replacement to the panel parts damaged, i.e., Door panel, bumper, fender replacements, and the rest.

  1. Color matching auto painting.

The technique is achieved by using the filter to paint on replaced body parts to match the rest of the vehicle. It saves you money compared to when paying a complete paint job.

  1. Frame Repair.

The frame supports the engine, transmission, and other significant components of a vehicle. Repair requires laser straightening, welding, and other high-tech methods.

Kirmac Collision & Autoglass is your best choice for re-making/modeling your vehicle. We are confident of the repair services we give based on the expertise our team has. To reach us, visit our center, book an appointment online or give us a call on our contacts displayed on our site. We value your feedback and are dedicated to giving excellence in offering auto body repair services. So get in touch with our representative today; we'll be glad to hear from you.

Please call Kirmac Collision & Autoglass at 604-552-5300 to request an online estimate or schedule an appointment.

Auto Body Repair Richmond
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Auto Body Repair Richmond
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Auto Body Repair Richmond Auto Body Repair Richmond
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