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Statistics show a 16% increase globally in vehicle ownership between 2010 and 2013. This has led to the mushrooming of auto body shops. However, not all of them offer quality repay works as you will hear clients complaining of poor quality work. In addition, pricing varies for the same job. So why the difference, and how do you pick the right New Westminster auto body shop?

Tips for choosing New Westminster collision repair shop

Make inquiries from friends and relatives

Referrals are excellent means of knowing about good auto body shops in your area. People who have had accidents and incidents that led to the vehicles being repaired will give you the best insight into how a business operates. Also, pay close attention to third-party feedback. They may offer valuable information regarding the best shop to choose.

Consider the price range.

Before settling for a prospective body repair shop, the purpose of finding out the price range of repair in your locality. Without this vital background information, you might pay extra cost whereas a different shop offers the same service at a lower price.

In addition, the price may vary depending on the reputation and size of the repair shop. For example, a large auto body collision repair shop with many front-office workers will charge higher rates to raise wages. Also, be suspicious of very low prices. Ask the kind of spare parts they are using.


A shop for collision repair in New Westminster, located in upscale neighborhoods, could charge higher prices than others. The immediate community would have affluent car owners with the financial muscles to pay the exorbitant repair bills.

Strive to find an average collision repair shop near you. This will save you surprises when paying, and you will be able to visit the workshop during repair and follow the progress on restoration.

Ask important questions

This will help you identify if the shop is professional or not. Do they provide a written warranty? What is its duration, and what exactly does it cover?

Most repair shops have a minimum of a one-year warranty. Ensure after asking, you get it in writing. Also important to ask is whether they are insured against fire and theft. It is essential to know whether you are covered if your car is stolen, burglarized, or destroyed. Also, ask for how long they have been in business and if they have a license.

Ask the kind of materials they will use. Are they going to use used, aftermarket, or new materials? Although used material is fine, it may not offer the saving you are imagining. New parts will always be the best. In addition, aftermarket parts can save you a lot of money and be as good as the original from the manufacturer. Finally, ask how many layers of paint coats and clear coats they will apply.

Know what to look for in your research to find the best local auto body shop. In the end, the best New Westminster auto body repair shop offers quality work and charges fairly.

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Auto Body Shop New Westminster
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