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The glass on your car serves more than an ornamental function. It offers structural integrity, gives you expansive views of the road, and keeps you safe. However, regardless of how much care you provide, the automotive glass will, at some point in your ownership, experience some damage. Therefore, car glass repair should be immediate to prevent the damage from getting worse, restore complete visibility, restore its safety features, and maintain your car's value.

To repair or replace?

Repair or replacement is the most pressing concern as you drive into an N. Vancouver auto body shop. The extent of the damage should guide your decision. Any dent or chip that is more than 1.25 inches cannot be corrected. If there is a crack, replacement is the default option as the structural integrity is lost when any line of weakness is introduced into the glass.

How Much Will It Cost?

Auto body collision repair shops do not typically have a fixed price list for replacing auto glass, except labor. There are variables to consider, like the make and model and the electronics integrated into the glass. Fill out an online estimate form or visit the shop in person.

Will Insurance cover you?

Any good North Vancouver auto body repair shop will accept insurance for automotive glass repair. If you have comprehensive insurance that covers replacement costs, you will not pay a thing. Standard insurance might offer coverage but charge you a deductible for the claim.

How Long Does Repair or Replacement Take?

Chip repairs are the easiest and can be completed in 30 minutes on average. Total replacements take an hour at most. However, you recommended that you let the new glass cure and dry for at least two hours before using the car. Then, refrain from slamming any parts, removing the tape, or washing the car for 48 hours.

Do I Have to Bring the Car Into the Shop?

Whereas most shops dealing with collision repair in North Vancouver will encourage you to drive into their facility, it is possible to get service at home. There will be an additional charge for the doorstep service that comes with added convenience. The repair or replacement work should be simple enough not to require the complex tools affixed in the shop.

Will you get OEM parts?

The success of Vancouver collision repair work is owed to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Enough statistics have demonstrated how OEM parts offer more service and structural integrity compared to Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) regardless of the similarity of their standards. Unless your car is a collectible or a classic, OEM glasses are the default choice if they are still in production.

Choosing the right auto shop makes all the difference. It will ensure the structural integrity of your glass is restored, and there is a recalibration of all driver-assistant features such as lane departure warning and autonomous emergency braking.

Please call Kirmac Collision & Autoglass at 604-552-5300 to request an online estimate or schedule an appointment.

Auto Glass Repair North Vancouver
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