Auto Glass Repair Port Coquitlam

Auto Glass Repair Port Coquitlam

Buying and maintaining a car can be affordable when there is a clear plan. However, vehicles experience several issues, including burnt clutches, flat tires, and others. Having a flat tire is not any driver's wish, though it is inevitable. However, it is possible to decrease the chances of getting a flat tire in the first place.

How to deal with a flat tire

  • Park your car.

It gives a conducive environment for inspection and is less stressful. Run your hands on the back and front to check for sharp objects; if there's none, the tire could be low on air. If there's a hole or a puncture, put on the spare tire and take it or call a service center for patching it.

  • When noticing the strange behavior of your car while driving.

Pull over to confirm your suspicions. If it is a flat tire, put on the spare one and visit any service center to have it checked out.

  • When without a spare part.

It is essential to have your spare kit ready at any moment you experience car problems.

Tools that come with it offer temporary solutions and require you to take your vehicle to a service center.

  • When without an AAA.

Don't fret; check with your insurance provider on an insurance plan that helps when facing car problems. You'll be charged a small fee to cater for the damage. If you don't have insurance, contacting a towing company can be the last option and pricey.

When is it a blowout?

Blowouts can be scary and stressful. Be keen to notice when your car is slowing down after the blowout. Keep a firm grip on the wheel, and do not slam on your breaks. Pullover and if you can change the affected tire or call for assistance.

How to Change a flat tire?

It is advised for any driver to grasp how to remove and replace spare parts. Here are steps to follow when changing a flat tire: -

  1. Remove the wheel cover using a flat head.
  2. Slightly loosen the lug nuts on clockwise mode using the lug wrench.
  3. Use the jack to lift the car about six inches.
  4. Remove the lug nuts.
  5. Hold onto and pull the tire towards you to remove it.
  6. Insert the spare tire by aligning its rim with lug bolts.
  7. Replace the lug nuts.
  8. Lower your car to its actual position and remove the jack.
  9. Make sure your tire has enough pressure before driving.

The spare tire can only serve about seventy miles of driving, requiring you to take it to a service center for a permanent one. While getting a new one, check with your mechanic for any arising issues to be sorted out. Having insurance covers and can save you money when facing car problems. Follow the above tips to resolve and prevent flat tires. If not, call for assistance from any towing companies and have your vehicle checked out.

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Auto Glass Repair Port Coquitlam
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